809 Williams Street • Longmeadow, MA
Conveniently located next to Specs Perry Optical Shop

Meet Our Staff

Sarah Garguilo

Sarah Garguilo Staff-3.jpg

Dr. Bouvier's receptionist and cataract surgery coordinator

Sue O'Malley

Sue O'Malley Staff-4.jpg

Dr. Bouvier's technician, scribe, and cataract/laser vision surgery coordinator

Janet Colon

Janet Colon Janet-Colon.jpg
Janet Colon, Dr. Bouvier & Sue O'Malley

Dr. Bouvier's Technician

Gina Sullivan and Beverly Hoyte

Gina Sullivan and Beverly Hoyte Gina-and-Beverly.jpg

Gina Sullivan is Dr. Bouvier and Dr. Budri's Technician (in back.) Beverly Hoyte is Dr. Budri's technician (in front.)